Energy Saving HVAC Summer Maintenance Tips

Energy Saving HVAC Summer Maintenance Tips

It may be hard to believe after the harsh winter most of us experienced, but summer is finally here!  The shifting season also means extra work for your HVAC system because as the temperature rises, homeowners across the country are turning their air conditioning up to full blast.  The best time for HVAC maintenance is before the extreme temperatures hit, so I’ve compiled a few energy-saving tips to keep in mind.

Ensure the outdoor unit has room to breathe

The warmer weather begins many great things, but it also brings weeds and overgrown vegetation if you aren’t careful. Make sure to keep vegetation at least two feet away from your outdoor unit so it can efficiently pull in air.

Clean/change your air filter

Air filters that become clogged with dirt or are overdue for replacement make it harder for your HVAC unit to work well. Keeping your air filter clean can help lower your unit’s energy consumption!

Seal heating/cooling ducts and open spaces

Make sure that your doors and windows are sealed properly so that when they are shut there is no extra space letting the cool air out. The less cool air that escapes your home, the less energy you’ll waste on the air conditioner. Also, keeping drapes and blinds closed to keep out direct sun helps to keep the house cooler longer.

Find the sweet spot with your thermostat

Set your thermostat to your ideal temperature – not any colder. Setting it to a temperature colder than desired doesn’t cool your house down any quicker, but instead keeps the unit working longer than necessary. Also, avoid placing heat producing appliances next to the thermostat – this can cause it to read the room temperature higher than it actually is.

Now that your HVAC system is ready, here’s to a great summer!

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